We offer you  a menu  including either Liguria typical dishes among  which we have “Buridda” made with Octopus, cuttlefish and calamari,   salted codfish, “zemin” soup, rabbit stew with Ligurian recipe , locally fished anchovies,  homemade basil “pesto”sauce, “risotto” flavoured with “Vermentino “ wine and prawns,  snails, or other traditional dishes such as stuffed flying squids, baked knuckle of pork, “Italian  mixed fry, “ravioli” pasta stuffed with octopus with shellfish sauce, Octopus and  potatoes and  much  more

Menu changes every day and varies according to the seasons and availability of  basic foods. This is a guarantee of  quality and fresh products.

All pasta is homemade direct from  the owner, Sergio, who makes “pansotti”, “ravioli” stuffed with vegetables , octopus, hake fish,  “radicchio”, mat, potatoes, and many other ingredients accordingly to the season!!!

Desserts  too, with the exception of ice cream, are fully produced in house. For example we offer Basil flavoured Bavarian mousse,  “semifreddo” ice cream , flavoured with chocolate, chestnut  mousse, and many other  changing daily.

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